The Authority's Role

The Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority (the Authority) is a Statutory Board of the Isle of Man Government,

The Authority has the responsibility for licensing and regulating telecommunications and broadcasting on the Isle of Man under the Telecommunications Act 1984, the Radio Masts Regulation Act 1988, and the Broadcasting Act 1993. In addition, the Authority issues Agreements to organisations that file satellites through the Isle of Man and works with the UK regulator Ofcom to manage spectrum for the Isle of Man.

The Authority is an economic regulator, using ex ante regulation to ensure that local markets remain competitive and that all licensees have fair and equal access to wholesale inputs, allowing for innovation and better competition. To view the current regulatory remedies the Authority has imposed, please take a look at the latest Market Reviews.

In addition, the Authority recognises the need to ensure that the Island’s infrastructure and services continue to be leading edge, both to remain competitive in its existing economic sectors and to develop new wealth creating industries. If the Isle of Man wishes to attract businesses that will contribute to its long-term economic potential then it must have a system of regulation that promotes long-term stability and investment.

The National Telecommunications Strategy aims to pass fibre across 99% of premises by 2025. For further details please visit the Isle of Man Government website ( This will have implications for the way in which the Commission regulates due to the need to ensure that regulatory obligations are being adhered to, alongside any specific requirements imposed by the Department for Enterprise in terms of ensuring that public monies are used the appropriate way.

Key to the Island’s future is maintaining its reputation as a diverse and modern jurisdiction, but one that has an important historical and cultural heritage. We aim to protect and promote the sense of community on the Island by ensuring there is an appropriate Manx focus to local broadcasts through licence conditions.