Complain About A Telecoms Provider

The Communication and Utilities Regulatory Authority’s role in relation to customer complaints against telecommunications providers is to promote fairness to the customer and ensure adherence to licence conditions.

We act within our remit, as set out in the Telecommunications Act 1984 to address complaints. We can act as an intermediary between you and your service provider and provide neutral, unbiased feedback and/or advice on your current situation. Please note that we are usually unable to mandate a service provider to carry out a particular action.

We maintain a log of all complaints received and closely monitor complaint trends. If we start to see a trend or pattern in the complaints received we may then use this information to help set the direction of our work in future.


How to Complain

The first step with any complaint should always be to contact your telecommunications provider directly and discuss the issue with them.

For ease of reference the complaints procedures and contact information for each of the licensees are available below.

          Bluewave Complaints Procedure

          Manx Telecom Complaints Procedure

          Sure Complaints Procedure

          Wi-Manx Complaints Procedure

If you cannot reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion, you may contact the Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority and we may then contact the telecommunications provider on your behalf.

If your complaint is regarding a contractual issue such as a dispute over terms and conditions, or your consumer rights, the Office of Fair Trading may be better suited to advise and assist you as they have the necessary expertise in these areas. The Office of Fair Trading can be contacted by email to or by telephone on (01624) 686500.


Information Required

When contacting the Authority you should provide us with as much information as possible. This includes:

  • a clear description of what the issue is;
  • when you contacted the telecommunications provider;
  • what they said in response, and why you are not satisfied; and,
  • sufficient details to enable your service provider to locate your account, ideally the account name and number, landline telephone number and your address;
  • a complaint reference number (if available);

We will usually need to contact your service provider and pass on your details and we would require your permission to do this; it would be helpful if you would include this permission in your initial contact with us.


Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority Service Standards

When we receive a complaint, we aim to acknowledge receipt within 3 working days. We may need to request more information from you depending on the issue and how much information you have already provided to us.

We will contact the telecommunications provider on your behalf and ask for their side of the story so that we get a balanced view of what the issue is, whether it is something that can be rectified, and why the complaint has reached this point.

Once we have a clear understanding of the issue, we will discuss with the telecommunications provider a suitable means of bringing the matter to a close. We have a duty to be fair and balanced.

Whilst we will always be as helpful as we can, we cannot always ensure that the matter will be resolved in the manner that you hoped for.

We do however take all complaints seriously and work to resolve as many as we can within our powers and remit.


Complaint Handling Feedback

We aim to always provide you with the best customer service and we hope that we can resolve your complaint in a satisfactory way.

Once your complaint has closed, we would welcome any feedback on the way we handled your complaint. We will usually request feedback from you once your complaint has closed by sending you a link to our feedback request form.

We will use your feedback to help shape the way in which we deal with future complaints and will be shared with senior management at the Authority.