Response to consultation document on telecommunications market reviews and Decision Notice

Published On:Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Isle of Man Communications Commission has published a Response to Consultation Document regarding its consultation on the Market Review process published in June this year. This paper summarises the reactions and comments of stakeholders in reply to the Commission’s consultation on the review of communications markets, and sets out the Commission’s conclusions on the markets investigated and its decisions on which operators have significant market power.

The Market Review consultation identified and analysed retail telecommunications markets and their corresponding wholesale markets. Potential competition problems in the retail fixed markets, wholesale fixed markets, and mobile markets were found and regulatory remedies appropriate to each market were proposed.

The preliminary conclusions of the Market Review, and the measures proposed, were well supported by respondents. The Commission is therefore publishing a Decision Notice, detailing the designations placed on licensees and the duties and responsibilities incumbent on them as a result of these designations.

Dr Carmel McLaughlin, Director of the Communications Commission, said:

“We are pleased at the high level of agreement with the conclusions of the Market Review process. The market definitions, identifications of market power and remedies set out in the Decision Notice will bring the regulation of telecommunications up to date, provide more regulatory certainty, and help underpin the Isle of Man’s existing position as a desirable destination for business innovation and technological innovation.”

The Market Review process is a key element in the establishment of a progressive framework for the regulation of electronic communications on the Island, alongside proposed new legislation currently being formulated. These elements will combine to give consumers, companies and investors a modern, flexible and responsive regulatory environment, increasing the Isle of Man’s competitive advantage in attracting global communications, and communications-based, businesses.

The market definitions, findings of Significant Market Power, and proposed remedies will come into immediate effect with the publication of this Response to Consultation Document and Decision Notice.


  1. The Communications Commission, a Statutory Board, regulates the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors on the Island.
  2. Documents relating to the market review and the subsequent consultation process can be viewed online 

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