Consultation paper on Options for Managing the Radio Frequency Spectrum

Published On:Monday, September 26, 2011

Communications Commission consults on options for managing the radio frequency spectrum on the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man Communications Commission has published a consultation paper on how radio frequency spectrum should be managed within the Isle of Man, and is inviting written responses to its proposals.

Radio spectrum is a key input for the provision of electronic communication services and networks. It is used to provide both mobile and fixed telecommunication services to residential consumers and businesses, as well as for television and radio broadcasting. Radio spectrum does not recognise national borders and often requires international coordination for the best use to be made of it. Appropriate management of this major asset, which is also a finite resource, is essential to ensure that value for its use is extracted for the Island, and that services using spectrum continue to function and develop.

The questions contained within the consultation cover specific areas including spectrum strategy, competition, commercial development, fees and award process. Spectrum management by its nature is complex and technical and the document draws on the high level principles established through earlier consultations for dealing with spectrum management issues. Its purpose is to put forward concrete ideas for how those principles can be implemented in future, in concrete terms, for the benefit of industry and consumers on the Isle of Man. For this reason, it is expected that the consultation will be of greatest relevance to interested parties, i.e. those currently or potentially involved in the industry, as suppliers, operators or consumers.

Responses will inform the development of the Island’s spectrum management regime, so that it facilitates the necessary investment in the Island’s communications infrastructure and services for the benefit of consumers, while exploiting its advantages to promote research and development in spectrum use.

This consultation can be viewed online. Following the closing date all responses will be considered. This will help inform the process of allocating spectrum for particular purposes and any other necessary arrangements.


  1. The Communications Commission, a Statutory Board, regulates the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors on the Island. Minister Adrian Earnshaw is Chairman of the Communications Commission and Dr Carmel McLaughlin is Director.
  2. Documents relating to the consultation can be viewed online
  3. This consultation is for a period of 6 weeks and responses are requested in writing by Friday 11 November 2011.

For further Information please contact:-the Communications Commission on +44 1624 677022 or email: [email protected]