Commission Announces Licensing of 4G Mobile Phone Services

Published On:Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Communications Commission is pleased to announce that, following its recent application process, it is licensing Manx Telecom (MT) and Sure Isle of Man (Sure) to bring fourth-generation (4G) mobile phone services to the Isle of Man.

4G is particularly geared to the provision of high-speed mobile data services, enabling customers to access broadband services over mobile at comparable speeds to those experienced over the fixed network.

Both MT and Sure submitted applications confirming that they will launch 4G services no later than July 2014 and that they will both roll out high-speed 4G networks providing coverage to at least 95% of the island’s population within two years of service launch.

The Commission has also confirmed that MT and Sure will each pay a £150,000 application fee for the process.

MT and Sure have both agreed to have their existing service licences modified by the Commission to incorporate 4G service obligations. Both operators will be given spectrum assignments in the 800MHz and 1800MHz bands, as well as an entitlement to spectrum in the 2.6GHz band as and when future needs arise.

Chairman of the Commission, Hon. Juan Watterson MHK said:

“The Commission is delighted to confirm its intention to licence MT and Sure to provide 4G mobile services on the Island. The successful conclusion of the licensing process means that mobile customers will be able to access this new exciting mobile service no later than next summer. We hope that this will have a positive benefit for business and customers, as data is increasingly key to staying in touch with friends and clients. The early launch of 4G by MT and Sure will build on the Island’s strong reputation for timely deployment of advanced mobile services.”