New Process for Switching Broadband Providers

Published On:Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On 1 May 2014, the Island’s licensed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the Communications Commission will introduce a voluntary Code of Practice for switching DSL (digital subscriber line) broadband providers on the Isle of Man. Under the new Code of Practice, customers will obtain a MAC (migration authorisation code) from their current provider and supply the MAC to their new provider in order to migrate their broadband service.

Adoption of the Code of Practice will give consumers an efficient and secure process to change DSL broadband providers, and will ensure that sufficient customer consent is obtained for transfers of service. The Code of Practice is also intended to serve as the basis for customer migration processes for new retail telecommunications products that will be launched on the Island.

Chairman of the Commission, Hon. Juan Watterson MHK said:

“The new Code of Practice will allow customers to change their internet provider easily and more securely, and is also a foundation for smooth switching processes with respect to future telecoms services.”

The Island’s DSL broadband providers have opted-in to the Code of Practice, and the large DSL broadband providers—Manx Telecom, Sure and Wi-Manx— will publish details of the switching process on their websites shortly before launch. Information about changing broadband providers is also on the Commission’s Consumer Advice page. The full Code of Practice is available to download below.

To assess the Code of Practice in operation, there will be a review three months after its introduction. This will allow broadband providers and customers to give feedback to the Commission. Following the review and any required adjustments, the Code of Practice will likely continue on a voluntary or mandatory basis.