Commission Intends to Modify Wi-Manx’s Licence

Published On:Friday, October 3, 2014

The Communications Commission has given notice of its intention to modify the telecommunications licence held by Wi-Manx Limited.

This follows the Commission’s detailed review of Wi-Manx’s application for licence modification, which included a business plan, financial statements and other supporting documents. The Commission’s review was in accordance with its duties to ensure that telecommunications operators can finance the provision of services and to promote the interests of consumers and other users of telecommunications on the Island.

Wi-Manx currently holds what is known as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) licence, which allows Wi-Manx to offer internet and internet related services. The licence modification will result in Wi-Manx having what is referred to as a Full Operator licence, which will allow Wi-Manx to offer voice services and a wider range of business services.

The licence modification will make Wi-Manx the third licensed Full Operator on the Island, alongside Manx Telecom and Sure. The addition of a third Full Operator will increase competition and is expected to increase the choice of telecommunications services available to both consumers and businesses.

During the one-month notice period, which runs from 3 October to 3 November 2014, interested parties can express their views on the proposed licence modification to the Communications Commission.

More details can be found on the Commission’s website under Publications.