Communication Bill First Reading

Published On:Friday, June 22, 2018

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Communications Bill First Reading


The Communications Bill 2018 is scheduled for its first reading in the House of Keys on the 26th June.

The purpose of the Bill is to modernise the Broadcasting Act 1993 (amended in 2007) and Telecommunications Act 1984 and replace them with a single piece of legislation.

The original telecommunications legislation was written prior to the internet and mobile phones.

The legislation is updated to take account of how technology has changed and aims to future proof the regulatory regime as far as possible.

The Communications Commission regulates and licences broadcasters and telecommunications providers on Island.

The broadcasting legislation is updated to provide for forms of broadcast that weren’t envisaged in 1993 and for the different way that media is consumed.

In drafting the Bill the Commission has put in place those measures from the 2014 Tynwald Select Committee on Public Service Broadcasting that required statutory change, it may be that the new Select Committee will prompt some changes for that legislation, which could be dealt with if necessary by amendments in clauses stage in the autumn this year.

Hon Bill Malarkey MHK, Chairman of the Commission, stated “I’m very pleased to be able to introduce this Bill into the House of Keys to update the legislation and move this forward. Telecommunications is a high priority for this administration and ensuring the regulator has the powers it needs is important in this.”

The consultation on the Bill closed in 2016.

The Bill and Explanatory Notes are on the Tynwald website.


For further information please contact:- Ms Sue Strang, Acting Director. Tel. 01624 677022. E-mail:

Hon Bill Malarkey MHK, Chairman of the Commission Tel 07624 450003