Information for Licensees


When a Telecommunications Licence is Required

Wholesale Fixed Market Review

Retail Fixed Market Review

Mobile Market Review

Retail Service Migration Voluntary Code of Practice

Licensed Operator Group - Terms of Reference

Licence Fee Calculation Guidelines

Metering and Billing Direction

Investigation and Enforcement Procedure Guidelines 

Fixed Number Portability Ordering and Process Specifications

Latest Market Statistics

Margin Squeeze Assessment Guidelines

Principles for Use of Isle of Man Numbers - June 2018 Version

Cost Orientation Assessments - June 2019

Guidance for the Advertising of Broadband Speeds in the Isle of Man - October 2019


When a Broadcasting Licence is Required

Broadcasting Act Licence Application Guidance and Process



When a Spectrum Licence is Required


Class Licences

Branch System Class Licence - Recording of Telephone Conversations Explanatory Note



Legislation Applicable for Communications Commission

UK Regulations Extended to the Isle of Man