Our current licensing regime is described below. A link to a list of licence holders is at the top right of this page. For licence fee information, please contact the Commission.


Under the Telecommunications Act 1984 (of Tynwald), licences are required to run telecommunications systems on the Isle of Man. The types of systems and services to be provided are then authorised as a condition of the licence. Consolidated versions of the licences are available to view.


The Commission can grant Broadcasting Act (of Tynwald) licences to provide programme services in a manner which it considers best ensures that high quality and varied programming is available on-Island. When determining whether to grant a licence, the Commission must consider certain criteria. These include the ability for an applicant to sustain the service, the extent to which the proposed service meets the demand of Island residents or whether this demand can be met by other means and whether the proposed service would affect the ability of any existing services to operate.

Broadcasting Licences for Special Events

Please contact the Commission if you are considering broadcasting a special event, for example a sporting event or music event. Please give notice to the Commission at least 2 months prior to the event. This is due to the fact that a radio broadcast will require clearance from Ofcom (the UK Regulatory Body which regulates spectrum use on behalf of the Isle of Man) and may require an application to Ofcom for a licence issued under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (of Parliament). If you are not an existing Broadcasting Act Licence holder then you will also be required to apply for a Broadcasting Act Licence issued under the Broadcasting Act 1993 (of Tynwald). The application form is available below.


In order to establish or use a wireless telegraphy station or apparatus in the Isle of Man, a licence granted under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (of Parliament) is required. As, the Wireless Telegraphy Act is extended to the Isle of Man by Statutory Instrument, Ofcom is responsible for managing and licensing our radio spectrum.

It may be the case that to operate some communications services on the Isle of Man, a Wireless Telegraphy Act licence is required in tandem with a Broadcasting Act or Telecommunications Act licence from the Commission.

Certain classes of wireless telegraphy stations or apparatus are, however, exempt from licensing, either fully or exempt subject to specific provisions and limitations. For example, a Wireless Telegraphy Act licence is not required for using home Wi-Fi equipment.

Information on applying for a Wireless Telegraphy Act licence or managing an existing licence can be found on Ofcom's website.

Radio Masts

A licence from the Commission under the Radio Masts Regulation Act 1988 is required to erect or replace a radio mast or antenna, install or replace any antenna on a radio mast, or use any radio mast or antenna for the purpose of transmitting or receiving radio waves. However, domestic or hobby use, such as amateur radio or general TV reception, is exempt from licensing.