Anything the Commission has published will be available as a downloadable PDF. 

Document Name File Type Size
Decision Notice Class Licence For Mobile Communications On Aircraft PDF 198.5KB
Notification Proposal And Draft Class Licence Mobile Communications On Aircraft May 2019 (1) PDF 279.8KB
Notification of Market Power Determination: Mobile Communications Markets Decision Notice 2012/03 PDF 380.9KB
Information Notice 02-19 - Structural Review of CC.pdf PDF 69.2KB
Modification to Bluewave Licence April 2018.pdf PDF 346.5KB
Notice of Modification to Bluewave Licence ISP to Full - March 2018.pdf PDF 554.4KB
Notice to Manx Telecom to provide separated accounts - July 2017.pdf PDF 532.4KB
Sure Licence Modification Code Powers - November 2016.pdf PDF 2.5MB
Notice to Manx Telecom to Provide Separated Accounts - September 2016.pdf PDF 516.9KB
Principles for Use of IOM Numbers April 2016.pdf PDF 299.3KB
Sure Licence Modification - November 2015.pdf PDF 231.2KB
Notice of Modification to Sure Licence: Fee Payment Date - October 2015 PDF 135.8KB
ISP Licence Modification - March 2015 PDF 1.5MB
Metering and Billing Direction February 2015 PDF 1.5MB
Notice of Modification to ISP Licences - February 2015 PDF 152.9KB
Wi-Manx Licence Modification - November 2014 PDF 1.9MB
Notice of Wi-Manx Licence Modification - October 2014 PDF 347.5KB
Notice of Modification to Sure's Telecommunication's Licence July 2014 4G and SMP Conditions PDF 2MB
Notice of Modification to Sure's Telecommunications Licence May 2014 PDF 159KB
Notice of Award of Broadcasting Act Licence to 3FM April 2014 PDF 194.2KB
3FM Public Notice Broadcasting Act Licence Application March 2014 PDF 127.2KB
3FM Application for Broadcasting Act Licence March 2014 PDF 2.7MB
Notice of Sure Licence Modifcation - October 2013.pdf PDF 969.9KB
Notice of Manx Telecom Licence Modification - October 2013.pdf PDF 964.6KB
Notice of Decision to Award a 10 year Broadcasting Act Licence to current Licence Holder Energy Communications Ltd for the Service Energy FM July 2013 PDF 236.2KB
Broadcasting Act Licence Application Energy FM May 2013 PDF 975.1KB
Public Notice re: Broadcasting Act Licence Application Feedback invited - May 2013 PDF 238.8KB
Metering and Billing Direction April 2013 PDF 1.1MB
Cable and Wireless Isle of Man Ltd Notice of Modification to Licence Condition: Definition of 'Approval Body' Feb 2013 PDF 290.1KB
Manx Telecom Ltd Notice of Modification to Licence Condition: Definition of 'Approval Body' Feb 2013 PDF 293.2KB