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11/14 Increasing ISP Licence Fees Domicilium Response PDF 1.1MB Industry
10/14 Increasing ISP Licence Fees Manx Telecom Response PDF 560.8KB Industry
09/14 Increasing ISP Licence Fees E. Balcerowicz Response PDF 92.2KB Industry
08/14 Increasing ISP Licence Fees Consultation On Increasing Isp Licence Fees PDF 342.2KB Industry
15/13 Licencing Of 4G Response To Consultation PDF 255KB Industry
14/13 Licencing Of 4G Sure Response PDF 64.9KB Industry
13/13 Licencing Of 4G Manx Telecom Response PDF 754.4KB Industry
12/13 Licencing Of 4G DoI Response PDF 67.6KB Industry
11/13 Licencing Of 4G: Consultation On The Licencing Of 4G Services And Proposed Modification To Existing Licences PDF 1MB Industry
10/13 Mobile Termination Rates Further Specification Of The Price Control Obligation Wholesale Market For Mobile Call Termination PDF 985KB Industry