Under the Telecommunications Act 1984, the Communications Commission exercises its functions in the manner that it considers best promotes the interests of consumers, purchasers and other users of telecommunications services in the Isle of Man.

We aim to ensure that all those who run telecommunications systems within the Island are licensed to do so and that each licensee operates under the terms and conditions of its licence.

The Commission works in coordination with other departments to implement the Isle of Man Government’s broader e-business strategy and liaises closely with Ofcom (the UK regulator) on a range of matters, such as telephone numbering and use of spectrum.

The Isle of Man has advanced and diverse telecoms networks and services. Manx Telecom operates the fixed-line network, providing voice and broadband services, and a 4G mobile network. Sure also operates a 4G mobile network, and provides fixed-line voice and broadband services. Wi-Manx, alongside Manx Telecom and Sure, holds a full telecoms licence. e-llan Communications is licensed to provide private circuits. BlueWave Communications, Continent 8 Technologies and Domicilium are licensed to provide internet-related services.

According to Akamai’s recent State of the Internet Report, the Island ranked 4th in the world for percentage of broadband connections with >4 Mb/s connectivity in 2015, with 94% of users connecting at speeds greater than 4Mb/s. Currently, 93% of premises have access to VDSL broadband at speeds of up to 40Mb/s and 73% of premises have access to VDSL+ broadband at speeds up of to 80Mb/s. These figures put the Island at the forefront of global connectivity. See Isle of Man Market Statistics for more information.

Our Consumer Advice section on Telecoms may also be able to assist you.